The white rose signifies new beginnings… our therapy and community signify the beginning of the most liberating, healing, and freeing journey towards a truly loving and meaningful relationship with yourself and others

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I am so thrilled that you have found yourself here as being on this page shows me that you are ready to start the most liberating, healing, and freeing journey towards getting clarity on why you keep attracting the wrong relationships or repeatedly keep having the same issues within your relationships so that you can finally heal and be free to have and attract a truly loving and meaningful relationship with yourself and others.

I’m also thrilled that you have decided to look for a guide and community of like-minded women to help you on this journey as I know from my own experience and from helping all of the women I work with that healing is a journey that is a lot less lonely when you have a supportive guide and community that understand what it feels like to be where you are right now, that can truly connect with you on an emotional level, that can hear you, see you, validate your feelings and believe you as we have all been where you are but we have also risen and transformed our lives and the lives of our children and the next generation after them.

Through Rapid Relationship Therapy and our healing journey, we all know now that love is available to us, we are enough, we have learned to let go and let love in, to receive love as well as give love, to enter relationships from a place of worth as opposed to wound, and to love ourselves first so that we can then radiate and attract the right love and relationships into our lives and we would love to help you achieve the same.

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