Discover The Proven 9-Step Formula To STOP Attracting The Wrong Partners & Finally Step Into The Relationship You Deserve (WITHOUT Years Of Therapy)


21st- 23rd November – 8 pm

Plus An Exclusive BONUS Masterclass On 24th November – 8pm

With The UK’s #1 Rapid Relationship Therapist & Coach 

With The UK’s #1 Rapid Relationship Therapist & Coach 

Is This Challenge For You?

This challenge is for you if you’ve tried so many things, but you still seem to be stuck and attracting the wrong relationships… you don’t know the exact steps to take … or perhaps you don’t think it’s even possible for you.

In this challenge I will be sharing The Exact 9 steps you need to take to get unstuck and step into the happy, loving, and secure relationship you deserve with complete self-confidence – without years of therapy

You’ll discover

How to be happy in yourself and in a relationship

How to attract and have a healthy and truly loving relationship

How to attract emotionally available partners

How to find yourself again, have more self-confidence and self-love.

How to feel safe and secure in relationships

How to attract a partner who values honesty, loyalty & trust

How to ensure you are valued and respected in relationships

How to attract someone who you can truly be yourself with

How to attract a relationship with give and take – not you always giving

How to break the cycle so that your kids attract happy & loving relationships

How to allow yourself to love again, to trust again, to laugh again and have fun in relationships

Starts Monday
21st – 23rd November 2022

8pm UK Time

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I Created This Challenge For You

“I’ve read all of the books, listened to tons of podcasts, tried talk therapy, went to every seminar and masterclass I could find but 3 years later I still couldn’t seem to step towards the life and relationship I wanted…

…until I discovered the final missing piece of the healing puzzle that I’m going to share with you in this challenge”

No more heartbreak!

No more attracting emotionally unavailable men, the broken men, or the cheaters

No more feeling like something is wrong with you

No more feeling stuck or broken

No more fearing that you will be alone forever

No more sabotaging relationships

No more living in fear of being rejected

No more searchinig outside for happiness

No more self-doubt & low esteem and self confidence

No more books, podcasts, seminars searching for answers

By The End Of This Challenge, You Will Have The Exact 9 Steps You Need To Get The Life & Relationship You Deserve.

Are you ready to say YES to your new life?

Enrolment closes in 

Let this be your year to break the cycle and step into the life and relationship you deserve

I have been through many therapies, but nothing seemed to make me feel enough just as I am. Fiona is amazing!

I have been through many therapies, but nothing seemed to make me feel enough just as I am. My session with Fiona revealed the real root cause behind my issue – unhappy relationships. It liberated me from loads of guilt, from the feeling that I must have done something wrong, from the loneliness I felt. I was so unready to go on with my life after a sequence of unfortunate events and faulty relationships. Now I can start living again and stop fearing rejection, stop feeling that the good ones are not for me. Somehow after the session, I felt that I am ready for the new because I know now that these were just my beliefs and we changed them. Just like this. Just as if she used a magic wand. Just stunning. It is a truly transformational therapy.

Aga, Poland

I was attracting one toxic relationship after another – now I finally know why!

I had got to the stage in my life when I was finally about to give up on love and throw in the dating towel as I was just attracting one toxic relationship after another, and I just couldn’t cope with any more hurt until a friend told me about Fiona. In honesty, I didn’t hold out much hope as I have tried other therapies before and never got any clarity but I had nothing more to lose and decided to give it a go and all I can say is WOW! The session with Fiona was like a huge lightbulb moment in my life! I finally got clarity on why this was happening and how to avoid it again! I honestly feel like a huge dark cloud has been lifted from me and I now feel an immense sense of relief and a renewed energy in myself and love. Thank you so much, Fiona!!!

Deborah, UK

Fiona is a gifted hypnotherapist and Rapid Transformational Therapist. I had a session with her about relationships. It was wonderful!

As we were preparing, she asked me relevant questions to make sure that she understood my past, as well as what I was hoping to gain from the session. Fiona held space for me as I processed the scenes that came up. She validated my experiences, helping me to break down the meanings and to understand how they all were connected to the way that I look at relationships today. I was made a motivational recording to listen to. She gave me some great advice after the session too. I would highly recommend working with Fiona to anybody interested in exploring their subconscious mind! Thanks again, Fiona.

Amber, USA

I cannot recommend Fiona highly enough as a therapist, I am so grateful to you, thank you!!

I have been plagued with attracting the wrong men into my life and when I believe a relationship is going well, something always seems to sabotage it, often I’ve felt that this is down to me, but for what reasons I have never been entirely sure. It felt like a huge relief to finally understand where these deeply ingrained beliefs and behaviours had come from and it was a revelation for me to uncover yet more incidences from my childhood that have impacted me throughout my life and in relationships. I now feel empowered by this new knowledge. The transformation part of the session with Fiona made me feel wonderful and I know now that I am on the path to healing these hurts and making these behaviours and beliefs unfamiliar and obsolete so that I can make better relationship choices. Since my session, I have already begun to notice (particularly about the men in my life) what I will and won’t tolerate and accept. I have developed new boundaries and more importantly a conscious awareness around my relationships.

Catherine, UK

I believed to get the love I had to give and give and do everything relationships.

I couldn’t understand why I kept being in relationships where I would give and give but I never seemed to get the same back from my partners. Eventually, I would get to the point where I would resent them so much and in most cases, the relationship would then end. It was only after my session with Fiona that it became so clear that I had a destructive belief that I had been holding onto since childhood which was to get the love you have to do everything for everyone else. This made perfect sense as growing up my parents were always busy working and looking after my sister who was ill as a child and the only time I got love and praise was when I was helping around the home to make things easier on my parents. Knowing where this belief came back and changing it for a more empowering belief means I finally talk about my needs and what is important for me in relationships. I still give but only when there is even give and take and both people’s needs are taken into consideration. Thank you for empowering me, Fiona!

Luisa, UK

What you will discover by joining the challenge

It took me 3 years, a lot of money and a lot of unlearning and relearning to complete my healing journey but in this challenge, I’m going to share with you:

The Exact 9 Proven Steps & The Missing Piece Of The Puzzle In Only 4 Days

Here’s what I’m going to share with you

Day 1 – Steps 1 & 2 - You Can’t Change What You Don’t Understand

  • Understand the real root cause of why you keep attracting the wrong relationships
  • Learn how it has been keeping you stuck in a vicious cycle
  • Discover why we get anxious or sabotage relationships
  • You will also get a FREE Attachment Style Assessment

Day 2 – Steps 3 & 4 -Discover Your Current Relationship Blueprint

  • Understand how your attachment style shows up in relationships
  • Identify the traits that show up in your relationships and understand why
  • Discover the beliefs and patterns that are blocking love from you
  • Learn how to break the cycle and attract the loving relationship you deserve

Day 3 – Steps 5 & 6 - Design Your Future Life & Relationship

  • How to find yourself again and increase your self-esteem and confidence
  • Meet the future loving, self-empowered and secure you
  • Design the life and relationship you want to attract
  • How to change your frequency so that you do attract the relationship you deserve

Day 4 – Steps 7 – 9

Our Exclusive Masterclass – How To Rewrite Your Relationship Blueprint & step into the happy, loving, and secure relationship you deserve with complete self-confidence & without years of therapy 


  • In the masterclass I will REVEAL my entire signature system and the remaining 3 proven steps.
  • The last 3 steps are the missing pieces of the puzzle to attracting and keepingthe secure, loving relationship you deserve. They are also the steps that most women forget to complete or don’t know about which is why a lot of women end up back in the vicious cycle even after years of therapy. 
  • When you see all 9 steps come together it will be like all of the pieces of the puzzle coming together and you will finally be able to say ‘Now It All Makes Total Sense’ and you will finally have a clear step by step plan on how to step into the relationship you deserve
  • The masterclass is where the real change happens, so you are not going to want to miss this masterclass 

Are you ready to rewrite your relationship blueprint & attract the loving relationship you deserve?


A little about me

Hey Cycle Breaker, 

I’m Fiona Challis, Author of Eat, Pray, Self-Love™️, Founder of Rapid Relationship Therapy™️ and creator of Rewrite Your Relationship Blueprint™️ and I’m super excited to personally invite you to join me on this 4-day journey of self-discovery & healing. 

I created this challenge for you as when I was going through my own healing journey, I wished there was a program like this that would simply just show me step by step what I needed to do to heal all of me, not just part of me, that would bring all of the healing modalities I needed into one place instead of having to go to 9 different therapists and coaches for each step I took and a program that wouldn’t take me 3 long years to complete. 

My hope for you joining this challenge is that I can guide you step by step through all 9 steps that transformed my journey but instead of taking 3 years, it will only take you 4 days of this challenge to map the critical steps of your own healing journey. 

My second hope for you is that by showing you how to heal all of you, not just part of you, in this challenge that the new loving and self-empowered you will then go on to heal others and break the cycle so that next generation around you are fully educated on how to attract and have the right relationships in their lives. 

I’m so excited to start this amazing journey with you as healing, being happy and attracting the right relationships into your life is possible. 

See you in there and I’m super proud of you for showing up for yourself!

Hope to see you in there

Lots of love

Fiona xx

More healing stories

What you taught me will stay with me forever! I can’t thank you enough, Fiona!

I gained so much from our session but one thing, in particular, you taught me has changed my life so much and will stay with me forever. I can still hear your lovely Irish voice saying “It’s not your relationship picker button that was broken, it’s your relationship rejector button that was broken”. I wish I had discovered you 20 years ago! Thank you again Fiona and keep changing lives!

Alison, Wales

Your energy is amazing!Fiona, I just want to thank you for our session.

It really helped me to understand so much about myself and my past relationship choices. I still listen to my transformational recording most days as your energy is truly amazing!! Every time I listen I get the most infectious belief in myself and I know I am worthy of love and attracting the right life partner. My family and friends have even noticed a difference in me and tell me I am like a beacon radiating love. I can’t thank you enough as I finally feel at peace with myself and feel truly happy with or without a relationship.

Valerie, Poland

Sceptical by nature, had I not been DESPERATE to escape the pain of a toxic, in fact abusive, relationship, I might have passed this unique therapy by. I’m so glad I didn’t.

In only two sessions Fiona got to the root of my self-sabotaging patterns in relationships and gave me a map out of the cycle of pain. Compassionate, wise and gentle, Fiona is the safe pair of hands you need for this process of transformation. I have seen a profound shift: I feel different somehow, stronger in myself and better able to face whatever the future may bring. This is not a magic bullet and it requires our full participation and commitment, but Fiona is the perfect partner to guide you out of whichever place you feel stuck and onto a path of healing. Thank you, Fiona 🙏❤️

Narcissists were attracted to me like bees to a honey pot! But no more! Fiona, what can I say! You have changed my life.

You have changed my relationship with me, my children and I am no longer the co-dependent person I used to be. I can now completely see why narcissistic men found me as appealing as a bee to a honey pot but no more narcissists are getting into this honeys life, thanks to you!

Carrie, Ireland

Starts Monday 21st- 23rd November

8pm UK Time

Plus An Exclusive BONUS Masterclass On 24th November – 8pm

Are you to ready to step into the life and relationship you deserve?

This is your year to break the cycle!


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