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Get ready to embark on a truly transformational and liberating journey of meeting and healing your beautiful inner child within

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Take the inner child archetype quiz before starting the workshop.

Set aside 2 hours for yourself so that you can complete the online workshop and if possible, please bring a digital or printed photo of you as a child under the age of 9 years old so that you can really connect with her in the workshop.

Take yourself to a relaxing and peaceful place in your home and listen to the guided inner child reparenting meditation I recorded for you. The meditation is 20 mins long and is best listened to using headphones.

You can listen to this mediation any time you want to feel more connected to your inner child.

That’s it for now! Enjoy the workshop and I can’t wait to see you celebrating getting back in the driver’s seat of your life, your emotions, and your relationships.

And don’t forget to share your ‘lightbulb’ moments and transformations in the comments section of the workshop.


And hold up, lovely.

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and join you for the journey as healing is accelerated when we are connected with others.

Thank you lovely!

Lots of love

Fiona xx

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Please allow 2 hours for this Masterclass and DO NOT listen to whilst driving.

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Wednesday 8thMarch at 7pm – 8.30pm

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Tuesday 28thMarch at 7pm – 8.30pm

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