How To
Love, Guide & Heal Your Inner Child

In this breakthrough workshop you will learn how to get back in the driver’s seat of your life, your emotions, and your relationships so that you can live a life full of joy, free from drama and one where you can have the healthy, happy and loving relationships you deserve.

One Time Offer £97

Bonus – Join today and receive a guided inner child
reparenting meditation with Fiona – Worth £350

One Time Offer £97

Bonus – Join today and receive a guided inner child reparenting meditation with Fiona – Worth £350

With Fiona Challis, The UK’s #1 Rapid Relationship Therapist,
Positive Psychology Coach & Trauma Informed Somatic Healing Coach


This workshop is for you if you:

Feel the need to people please, fix or over give in relationships.

Subjugate your own needs in relationships.

Feel unappreciated and often resentful in relationships.

Get annoyed when partners don’t know your needs.

Find it hard to love yourself.

Feel your inner child is running wild in your relationships.

Find yourself criticising, comparing, and judging yourself.

Have incredibly high expectations of yourself.

Feel you often need to fight to be understood.

Get activated in relationships when you feel unseen or unheard.

Fly off the handle easily.

Find it hard to trust and get close to others.

Find yourself constantly ruminating over people and situations.

Are always doubting yourself and if you are enough.

If this is how you are feeling lovely, these are tell-tale signs that you have a wounded inner child within that just wants to feel seen, heard and understood which is exactly what I’m going to help you do in this workshop.

“It’s never to late to have the childhood we deserve.”

– Peter Levine

In the workshop you will discover:

Your inner child archetype.

The wounds your beautiful inner child is carrying and the root cause.

What activates or triggers your inner child wounds.

Where her wounds show up in your life and relationships.

How to identify between your adult self and inner child.

How to heal your inner child wounds.

How to connect with and meet your inner child.

How to give your inner child a voice.

How to consistently meet your inner child needs.

How to begin reparenting your inner child.

How to give your inner child the love and care she needs.

How to help your inner child feel seen, heard and understood.

If possible, please bring a digital or printed photograph of you as a child under the age of 9 years old.

(This is little Fi)

By the end of the workshop, you will:

Feel connected to yourself again.

See that everything now makes sense.

Feel confident on the inside as well as the outside.

Never feel alone again.

Be able to drop the protective mask and show the authentic you.

Value your needs and know your self-worth.

Feel free from the chains of your past.

No longer criticise, judge, or compare yourself.

Have self-compassion and self-love for your inner child.

Feel ready to let your inner child feel seen, heard and understood.

Be able to easily identify when your inner child is showing up.

Feel back in control of your emotions.

Be back in the driver’s seat of your relationships.

Get your playful and creative energy flowing.

Feel enough just as you are.

Be able to laugh again.

Be able to love again.

Be able to live fully again.

What other ladies are saying

“WOW! This workshop made me feel so seen! Thank you”


“It’s such a relief to know that it’s not only me feeling this way! Thank you”


“Thank you! Now I can totally understand why I felt so different growing up”




“Thank you, Fiona. Beautiful workshop. Can’t wait to listen the meditation”


“I always felt I didn’t belong, now I know I do! Thank you”


“Now I can see why I was always doing everything, craving praise 😩 and people pleasing 🙈”


“Makes so much sense! Now I know why I always please others and have high expectations”


“My anxious attachment style makes complete sense now”


“On the outside I let everyone think I was fine but, on the inside, I felt I was dying- Now I know why, Thank you!”


“My lightbulb moment was realising that the masks I put on meant nobody could see behind them and see the real me”


“I was looking for my partner to save me when it was me that needed that needed to save me all along”


Now I understand why I get so triggered in relationships when I feel l ’m not being heard, my needs aren’t being met and when I feel my partner is being unfair”


“I joined as a belief I’m trying to overcome is not being lovable. The workshop really helped me to squash that limiting belief and believe in myself again! Thank you ”


“I’ve always had a fear of abandonment, but the irony is that I was abandoning myself until I did this workshop. Thank you ”


Here’s what you get for taking action today…

Yes, I’m ready!

Yes, I’m ready!

2 -hour on demand workshop with 12 months access.

Inner child archetype assessment.

A guided inner child reparenting meditation with Fiona. (worth £350)

A copy of Fiona’s #1 Amazon best-selling book – Eat, Pray, Self-Love

It’s Time To Say YES To Your Happiness! 

By the end of this workshop, you will be back in the driver’s seat of your life, your emotions and your relationships.

Are you ready to say YES to your happiness?

One Time Offer £97


One Time Offer £97

Meet Your workshop host Fiona 

Founder of, The H.A.P.P.I.N.E.S.S Code
Author of best selling book, Eat, Pray, Self – Love

Fiona Challis is an award-winning motivational speaker, a licensed Rapid Transformational Therapy® therapist, licensed hypnotherapist, positive-psychology coach, trauma-informed and somatic-healing coach, life coach, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) practitioner, and founder of The Happiness Code™.

Her mission is to transform the lives of 1 million women who, like her, seemed to have the knack of attracting the wrong partners and see the same destructive patterns show up in their relationships, by helping them to break free from their past, to rewrite their stories and relationship blueprints, so they can finally find their birth right of having true love and happiness and having the secure healthy relationships they deserve.

Fiona is passionate about helping families to break generational patterns. Her book, one-to-one and group therapy and coaching programmes enable the women she supports to break these vicious cycles, as through healing themselves, they have a profound impact and ripple effect on their entire family and future generations. Fiona also plans to bring her teachings and The Happiness Code™ into schools into the near future with the aim of children learning much earlier in life how to have happiness within themselves and the importance of putting self-love first, so they can go on to have secure, healthy, happy, and loving relationships in the future.

Clients who’ve worked with Fiona have said her work is truly transformational, she provides a safe and empathic space to help you heal without spending years in therapy, and her enthusiasm and happiness are contagious.

She is originally from a small town called Enniskillen in Northern Ireland and currently lives in Pangbourne in England. She is one of seven children and a devoted mother to her son, Jamie.

Join the ladies who are already breaking cycles

What you taught me will stay with me forever! I can’t thank you enough, Fiona!

I gained so much from our session but one thing, in particular, you taught me has changed my life so much and will stay with me forever. I can still hear your lovely Irish voice saying “It’s not your relationship picker button that was broken, it’s your relationship rejector button that was broken”. I wish I had discovered you 20 years ago! Thank you again Fiona and keep changing lives!

Alison, Wales

Your energy is amazing!Fiona, I just want to thank you for our session.

It really helped me to understand so much about myself and my past relationship choices. I still listen to my transformational recording most days as your energy is truly amazing!! Every time I listen I get the most infectious belief in myself and I know I am worthy of love and attracting the right life partner. My family and friends have even noticed a difference in me and tell me I am like a beacon radiating love. I can’t thank you enough as I finally feel at peace with myself and feel truly happy with or without a relationship.

Valerie, Poland

Sceptical by nature, had I not been DESPERATE to escape the pain of a toxic, in fact abusive, relationship, I might have passed this unique therapy by. I’m so glad I didn’t.

In only two sessions Fiona got to the root of my self-sabotaging patterns in relationships and gave me a map out of the cycle of pain. Compassionate, wise and gentle, Fiona is the safe pair of hands you need for this process of transformation. I have seen a profound shift: I feel different somehow, stronger in myself and better able to face whatever the future may bring. This is not a magic bullet and it requires our full participation and commitment, but Fiona is the perfect partner to guide you out of whichever place you feel stuck and onto a path of healing. Thank you, Fiona 🙏❤️

Narcissists were attracted to me like bees to a honey pot! But no more! Fiona, what can I say! You have changed my life.

You have changed my relationship with me, my children and I am no longer the co-dependent person I used to be. I can now completely see why narcissistic men found me as appealing as a bee to a honey pot but no more narcissists are getting into this honeys life, thanks to you!

Carrie, Ireland

It’s decision time

You can do it the hard, long way and try to figure it out on your own, or you can join me inside our inner child healing workshop to get the love and relationships faster without the guessing and without the pain of doing it by yourself. I can help – can’t wait to see you on the inside.

Are you to ready to step into the life and relationship you deserve

One Time Offer £97

This is your year to break the cycle!


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Please allow 2 hours for this Masterclass and DO NOT listen to whilst driving.

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