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Hi, I’m Fiona, the founder of Rapid Relationship Therapy & Coaching.

We all have a special pattern that determines how we show up in relationships, why we are attracted to a certain type of guy, and what can make or break a relationship for us. It’s called your Relationship Blueprint

We can’t change what we don’t understand

Once you truly understand your blueprint you will:

  • Stop attracting emotionally unavailable, broken, toxic, or narcissistic partners
  • Get clarity on why the same patterns & problems happen in your relationships
  • Stop ‘losing yourself in relationships and putting your needs last
  • No longer feel the need to constantly give, fix or change the men you date
  • Break the vicious cycle for your kids and the next generation

It’s time to be with someone who truly loves, respects, and values you. It’s time to have a more loving and meaningful relationship with yourself and others and it starts with discovering YOUR unique Relationship Blueprint today…

(This only takes 2 minutes and you will get your results immediately)

“The process of change requires unlearning. It requires breaking free from the old beliefs, patterns and habits of the old self that are keeping you stuck and reinventing a new loving and empowering self.”

– Joe Dispenza

Join our mission of breaking cycles

What you taught me will stay with me forever! I can’t thank you enough, Fiona!

I gained so much from our session but one thing, in particular, you taught me has changed my life so much and will stay with me forever. I can still hear your lovely Irish voice saying “It’s not your relationship picker button that was broken, it’s your relationship rejector button that was broken”. I wish I had discovered you 20 years ago! Thank you again Fiona and keep changing lives!

Alison, Wales

Your energy is amazing!Fiona, I just want to thank you for our session.

It really helped me to understand so much about myself and my past relationship choices. I still listen to my transformational recording most days as your energy is truly amazing!! Every time I listen I get the most infectious belief in myself and I know I am worthy of love and attracting the right life partner. My family and friends have even noticed a difference in me and tell me I am like a beacon radiating love. I can’t thank you enough as I finally feel at peace with myself and feel truly happy with or without a relationship.

Valerie, Poland

Sceptical by nature, had I not been DESPERATE to escape the pain of a toxic, in fact abusive, relationship, I might have passed this unique therapy by. I’m so glad I didn’t.

In only two sessions Fiona got to the root of my self-sabotaging patterns in relationships and gave me a map out of the cycle of pain. Compassionate, wise and gentle, Fiona is the safe pair of hands you need for this process of transformation. I have seen a profound shift: I feel different somehow, stronger in myself and better able to face whatever the future may bring. This is not a magic bullet and it requires our full participation and commitment, but Fiona is the perfect partner to guide you out of whichever place you feel stuck and onto a path of healing. Thank you, Fiona 🙏❤️

Narcissists were attracted to me like bees to a honey pot! But no more! Fiona, what can I say! You have changed my life.

You have changed my relationship with me, my children and I am no longer the co-dependent person I used to be. I can now completely see why narcissistic men found me as appealing as a bee to a honey pot but no more narcissists are getting into this honeys life, thanks to you!

Carrie, Ireland

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