Your Relationship Blueprint Is…

Your Relationship Blueprint Is

Based on your responses, your relationship blueprint is Anxious.

In relationships, it means you are most likely living with a sixth sense for danger. You are likely to have a heightened emotional intuition and can sometimes jump to conclusions too quickly. An example of this is your guy doesn’t answer two or three of your calls or can’t meet up with you and you assume he is going off you or cheating on you. You fear being rejected or abandoned which drives you to people-please and without constant reassurance and validation you may feel insecure and ‘clingy’ in your relationships. You are most likely highly sensitive and crave deep connection. In relationships you are the ‘giver’ and you often put your partners needs first, forgetting about your own needs. In relationships you might find yourself obsessively overthinking about your guy and your relationship.

The type of partner you will likely attract are emotionally unavailable men, men who often have an avoidant blueprint, which unfortunately includes narcissists and toxic relationships as they are deeply attracted to ‘givers’ in relationships. Men who are broken who you will then try to fix and rescue. You most likely have a pattern or attracting a ‘project’ rather than a partner and parenting your partner rather than making the relationship work for you.

This realization can be unsettling but also empowering, because the blueprint starts and ends with you, which means you have the power to change it. So if this blueprint sounds like you and what you are currently experiencing in relationships its time to fully understand, update & rewrite your relationship blueprint.

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To get you started I’m going to give you free access to my
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Why? Because understanding and rewriting my relationship blueprint was a fundamental shift in my healing journey and looking back on that journey now, it could of been a lot less painful, lonely and shorter if I had of had a resource like this available to me, so please take this free resource as a gift from me to accelerate you on the right path to healing, rising and transforming.

Whether you are:

• Single and looking to attract more meaningful relationships

• Struggling to cope after a breakup or heal from heartbreak

• In a relationship but would like to make it better

This masterclass will be truly enlightening as it will give you complete clarity on where, why, how and when your blueprint got imprinted and help you to start creating a clear plan to rewrite your blueprint, your story and your future so that you can take your power back and have the loving, meaningful and lasting relationship you deserve.

I can’t wait to meet you in the masterclass

Fiona xx

Understanding my Relationship Blueprint put an end to the years of pain I went through from picking the wrong guys and it enabled me to attract the most meaningful and loving relationships into my life and it can do the same for you.

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