Your Relationship Blueprint Is…

Your Relationship Blueprint Is
… Dismissive-Avoidant

Based on your responses, your relationship blueprint is Dismissive-Avoidant.

So what does that actually mean for how you show up in relationships and the type of partner you attract?

In relationships, it means that you are most likely keeping love at arm’s length. You are most likely self-sufficient, independent and you are in control of all other ares of your life, but beneath it all, you may feel disconnected from your emotions. You desire love and connection however you have difficulties connecting to and navigating your own emotions. This disconnect causes you to put a wall up and maintain strict boundaries. This may appear in relationships that you can be emotionally distant, struggle with intimacy, and have a hard time opening up to your partners and maintaining those relationships. You tend to be very suspicious in relationships and at the first sign of trouble you can withdraw or run.

The type of partner you will likely attract are guys with an anxious blueprint and emotionally unavailable partners, why, because you attract what you are and if you are unavailable to your own emotions, that is who you will attract. As you avoid commitment you often attract unavailable men, married men or men who aren’t up for commitment and this can often leave you feeling that in relationships you are being used.

This realization can be unsettling but also empowering, because the blueprint starts and ends with you, which means you have the power to change it. So if this is what you are currently experiencing in relationships its time to fully understand, update & rewrite your relationship blueprint

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To get you started I’m going to give you free access to my
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Why? Because understanding and rewriting my relationship blueprint was a fundamental shift in my healing journey and looking back on that journey now, it could of been a lot less painful, lonely and shorter if I had of had a resource like this available to me, so please take this free resource as a gift from me to accelerate you on the right path to healing, rising and transforming.

Whether you are:

• Single and looking to attract more meaningful relationships

• Struggling to cope after a breakup or heal from heartbreak

• In a relationship but would like to make it better

This masterclass will be truly enlightening as it will give you complete clarity on where, why, how and when your blueprint got imprinted and help you to start creating a clear plan to rewrite your blueprint, your story and your future so that you can take your power back and have the loving, meaningful and lasting relationship you deserve.

I can’t wait to meet you in the masterclass

Fiona xx

Understanding my Relationship Blueprint put an end to the years of pain I went through from picking the wrong guys and it enabled me to attract the most meaningful and loving relationships into my life and it can do the same for you.

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